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Black Tulip Fiction
Strictly Come Dancing Fic: Bite the Night - Part 3 
1st-Nov-2014 01:36 pm

Part 1 (including header information)
Part 2

Bruno turns this way and that, checking out every angle of his reflection in the full length bedroom mirror.

He turns again, twisting his head to check that yes, his backside is looking firm and snug in the dark blue dress trousers he's wearing. Those are combined with a pale blue silk v-neck t-shirt and Bruno knows he looks pretty hot right now.

He hopes that Craig will like the outfit. There was the never the option of going casual, not for this dinner, and he's also smelling a lot better than he did when he got back, having showered.

There's no attempt to disguise his own scent with aftershave, and to be honest, it's hard to smell anything over Craig's scent right now. He’d really done it. Bruno shakes his head. Craig had brought himself off all over Bruno's bed – to make a point of course, but Bruno finds that all he wants to do right now is get onto the bed and roll around in the smell, take on Craig's scent and have it cover his own like he wants Craig to cover him. The smell is keeping him on edge, hard, and he's sure that was Craig's intent.

Not just yet though. They still have a few things to settle and Bruno takes a quick look at his watch noting that it's getting closer to their designated time of departure, Craig having laughingly given him "An hour Bruno - even you should be able to get showered and changed in that! I'm not wasting any more time messing around!"

Bruno snorts and, taking one last look, he heads out to find Craig.

Craig is waiting outside for Bruno and the taxi both. He could've driven but he wants to share a celebratory glass of champagne with his... – and here his face breaks into an involuntary smile – his beta, his new mate, soon properly. Obnoxious as Bruno's little stunt had been, at least it's finally made them break through the reserve and come to a decision.

And what a decision. Craig fully plans on claiming Bruno as his tonight, as completely and thoroughly as possibly, quite likely several times. He smirks to himself a little, enjoying the thrill of anticipation and happiness that coils low in his stomach.

Bruno arrives before their ride and Craig rakes his gaze over him hungrily. He doesn't need to tell Bruno what he thinks, it's obvious the other shifter gets it from Craig's body language and the way his scent changes, saturated now with arousal. Bruno grins at him, open and happy, and does a slow twirl with his arms spread, putting on a show like usual.

Except this time Craig doesn't have to, and certainly isn't going to, leave. Instead, he hums his appreciation, a low sound that courts the edges of a growl, and, Craig notices with interest, makes Bruno's eyes dilate. Quick as a flash he's at Bruno's side, two fingers pressed to his pulse point, prominently displayed by the open vee of his collar.

"You may want to rein it in just a bit," Craig says good humouredly but with something darker underneath. "Otherwise, we might not make it to the restaurant. And," he adds, focusing until the tips of his fingers morph into razor sharp claws which he trails carefully over Bruno's skin, "we're going to be needing some sustenance before the night is over."

Bruno stills at the touch of Craig's claws and he takes in a shuddering breath. His instinct is to press closer but he stays still looking up at the other shifter who looms over him. He has a not so hidden kink for claws, which is probably good as he's a shifter, and he wonders just how much Craig might use his claws when they're having sex. He'll find out later.

Craig growls softly, yet there's still that dark tone in the sound. Bruno brings his hand up and strokes it over Craig's arm which seems to relax the other shifter somewhat.

"Food?" he asks, smiling up at Craig. "Maybe we need to get away from the house?"

Craig takes a step back just as the taxi pulls to the drive. "Yeah," he says. "Smelling us together... is not exactly helping."

He turns toward the cab, climbing in without looking at Bruno's face, afraid that whatever the reaction there, it will only distract them both further.

They keep a careful distance in the car, the driver dropping them off downtown. Bruno is right and it is easier here, the tension between them fading to something more manageable as they stroll down the sunny sidewalks, ducking in for pre-dinner drinks in the bar near the restaurant.

Craig starts heading to the bar but Bruno stops him with a hand to the chest. "Go sit," he says, adding: "I'll get these," at Craig's raised eyebrow.

Craig huffs in amusement but goes to find a table where he has an unobscured view of the place.

Bruno can feel Craig's gaze on him as he leans on the bar, hip cocked, while he tries to catch the attention of one of the barmen. It doesn't take long, and within a couple of minutes a very pretty omega is leaning over the bar and smiling at him.

"What's your pleasure," the shifter asks, tilting his head as he looks Bruno up and down. "I'm sure whatever it is I can help."

Bruno manages to stop from snorting out loud at the extremely unsubtle flirting. Ironically, the omega is the type of partner that he would have happily sought at one point but not now. Not with Craig.

"I'm sure you're very good at what you do," he responds, "and I think I'd like a couple of 1788's please."

The other shifter pouts. "Is that all?" he asks, trailing his hand down his chest.

"Yes," Bruno says shortly. "And if you don't get on with it, the alpha sitting over there in the corner, who I'm pretty sure is glaring at us both right now, is likely to come over here and let you know how he feels. So please, be a good boy and go and make my drinks."

"Fine." The omega tosses his head. "Your loss." He turns away from Bruno and within a couple of minutes he's back with the cocktails.  Bruno pays for the drinks and then heads back to Craig with them.

Craig plucks the drink from Bruno's hand and takes a mouthful before he has a chance to say or do something ridiculous like pull Bruno to sit in his lap or mark him as his then and there. Christ, get a grip, he thinks. At the bar the young omega is flirting with everyone with a heartbeat, and really, he's hardly any threat.

Craig is just over-reacting because of the situation, having Bruno almost, but not quite, as his. Still, there was a reason he wanted them to have this conversation first, somewhere neutral and not in his house that smelled like sex.

"So..." he starts, looking at Bruno over the rim of his glass. "Guess we're really doing this, huh?"

Bruno stirs his cocktail with the tip of his finger and then sucks it clean, the fresh aroma of it exploding on his tongue.  He's grateful that Craig has picked a relatively quiet seat for them. This is not a conversation he wants to share with others, although they are more than likely standing out as beacons to any other alphas in the bar.

He isn't even sure if there are any other alphas in the bar, his attention wholly concentrated on Craig.

"Si," he answers, feeling a flush of excitement go through him at the thought of Craig claiming him.  "I think we are most definitely doing this. This may not have started in the most auspicious way," and Bruno's still a little embarrassed about that, "but I am not sorry for that evening in the bar."

The words soothe the final doubts in Craig's mind, mending something that had broken at Bruno's initial suggestion to pretend as if nothing had happened.

"Neither am I," Craig says. There are other things he could add, things like 'never' and 'always' but he's pretty sure Bruno is reading them all in his eyes and scent and in the way he reaches over and wraps his fingers around Bruno's hand.

This is not the place to do this, but Craig is finished with stopping himself so he brings Bruno's hand to his mouth and kisses the inside of his wrist, letting his teeth catch and tug at the thin skin, almost but not quite breaking through to the veins just underneath. It's nothing but a nip; a promise of the claim mark to come, but Bruno whines, going boneless, and the way the scent of his arousal spikes goes straight to Craig's cock. Bruno's eyes are bleeding wolf green into his human irises and Craig wants to taste him everywhere, outside and in, lick the blood of his skin and...

"Fuck," he breathes, leaning back with difficulty. "Food, now."

Bruno shakes his head like a dog getting rid of water and nods, looking dazed but grinning nonetheless. "Good idea," he says.


A few hours, a substantive meal and a shared bottle of wine later, they are both feeling considerably mellower. The dinner had been a good idea, Craig muses as they walk down the street, enjoying the evening. It had provided them an opportunity to cement the bond on a human level - talking, flirting, and laughing - and it was a relief to know that the relationship worked there too. Of course, they already had years of friendship behind them so Craig hadn't been overly worried, but sometimes the wolf instincts were so overwhelming that they pushed all other considerations aside.

Bruno had also opened up about his childhood and teenage years in Italy, and the very different pack politics and traditions that played a part there. There had been sadness in his voice, replaced by quiet joy when he'd switched to talking about this new pack of theirs, of belonging, and Craig had felt a strong surge of protectiveness toward his mate, vowing silently to ensure that Bruno never again felt like he didn't belong.

"Huh, I didn't know the restaurant was this close to here."

Bruno's words bring Craig out of his musings and he looks up, realising that they are outside the shifter club where they had met a few short weeks ago. "Yeah, I guess it is... Places explicitly catering for shifters tend to congregate in one area. I wasn't thinking." He pulls on Bruno's arm, intending to move them along but his headstrong beta doesn't budge.

Instead, he turns a blinding grin toward him and Craig knows that whatever Bruno is about to suggest he'll agree to.

Bruno runs his hand down Craig's arm, enjoying the feeling of warm flesh under his fingers, the way the muscles tense at his touch.

He knows that he's being a sap, and he wouldn't voice the comment out loud but as far as Bruno is concerned tonight is the start of the rest of his life. He has a pack and a mate, albeit he's still to be claimed but that's only a matter of time, and Bruno knows exactly how this evening is going to end. He shivers a little and Craig's glance turns a little darker as he looks down at him.

Being outside the club where this all started gives Bruno an idea. Because this is the start of something new he wants to change, to alter the memory of how this began. He takes a look at the club door and then up at Craig again.

"Come on," he tells him. "I think we're due a drink to celebrate don't you, and where better than where this all started."

Craig looks a little doubtful but Bruno knows that he won't be refused. Not now. "Just one drink," he says, tugging at Craig's arm. "And then you can take me home," he pushes up on his toes and brushes his lips across Craig's and murmurs softly," where you can claim me."

He doesn't wait for a response, simply linking his hand with Craig's and pulling him into the club. The smell hits him – shifter and human, both soaked in alcohol, adrenalin and arousal – and Bruno presses back against Craig for a moment, Craig’s touch and scent calming him.

"You go and get the drinks," he says. "I'll find us somewhere to sit."

Craig huffs but let’s Bruno push him gently toward the bar. The club is busy as usual but Craig is in a good mood and doesn't even get impatient about having to wait to be served. Betas and omegas are trying to melt out of the way but Craig just grins and waves a hand at them. He's got a mate sitting at a table, least he can do is let these folks who are still clearly looking for a partner to get their drink first.

When he's finally at the bar Craig hesitates for a moment but then decides that if any night deserves indulgence it's this one and orders the best bottle of Champagne available.


Bruno finds an empty booth easily as it's still reasonably early and most of the club patrons are on the dance floor or at the bar. Later, they might have a use for the curtained booths but not yet

He settles down happily, humming softly under his breath and waiting for Craig to get back from the bar.  Bruno pulls out his mobile to check his emails and texts and is sufficiently distracted not to notice the other wolf until he’s standing right next to him.

Bruno flicks a quick look at the alpha and then away, not wanting his gaze to be caught. The smell is somewhat familiar and Bruno knows that it must be from when he was here last.

He leans carefully back in his seat and looks down at his mobile, trying to ignore the other shifter, hoping that he will get the message and fuck off before Craig gets back from the bar. It doesn't work though and a moment later the alpha is leaning in, smelling him. Bruno puts his phone away and glares.

"Get lost," he tells him. "I'm waiting for someone."

The alpha laughs and runs a clawed hand down Bruno's arm and Bruno wrenches away, not bothering to hide his disgust. "You might well be waiting for somebody," the shifter tells him, his hand at the neck of Bruno's t-shirt now. Before Bruno can do anything to stop him he's torn the fabric and is leaning even closer. "No claim mark," he says. "You've been with him for weeks now and he hasn't even claimed you. Don't worry... If he won't, then I will!"

Bruno snarls at him, and his own hands are changing slowly to claws now, his anger laced with genuine alarm.


Craig is clutching a bucket of ice in which rests a very expensive bottle of Champagne. He's making his way toward the booths, his nose telling him that's the direction Bruno had headed earlier.

Once he gets closer though, he realises that something is not quite right. Bruno's scent is laced with agitation, the cause of which becomes clear once the crowds part enough for Craig to see what's going on.

Bruno is not alone. There's an alpha standing next to him, way too close for Craig's liking and to Bruno's too, judging by the way he's leaning backwards, teeth bared. Craig vaguely recognises the guy from their previous visit, one of the crowd who had eyed Bruno hungrily after his announcement of finding someone else if Craig wasn't interested.

There's a window of about three seconds during which Craig's human side is telling him to keep calm and take the high road, Bruno is as good as his and the little pissant alpha is nothing but a minor annoyance in the grand scheme of things. Then the strange shifter actually leans down toward Bruno's neck, mouth open as if he plans on biting him then and there, and Craig sees red.

The very expensive bottle of Champagne crashes to the floor, drawing everyone's attention. Not that Craig notices.

He's far enough away to gather some speed, crossing the distance in running steps. By the time he crashes into the other alpha, sending them both to the floor, his hands are clawed and the growl emanating from his throat is entirely inhuman.

Craig barrels into the alpha, knocking him over and away from Bruno as they go down.

Gasping in surprise and scrambling to get his feet under him, Bruno pushes out of the booth, following the fighting pair toward the dance floor where they have ended up, clawing at each other. He's dimly aware of the humans being shunted out of the club and the doors locking against any further intrusion but the majority of his attention is on the fight that's taking place in full view of the spectators.

He wants to interfere, wants to go to Craig's side, but knows he can't. This is a fight between alphas and all Bruno can do is watch as first Craig, and then the other alpha, slowly shift to something that's neither wholly wolf nor human, but a mixture of both.

Any trace of human reason and patience is gone and right now Craig knows only two things: One, another alpha threatens what is his, and two, he will do everything necessary to stop this.

He's distantly aware of his shirt ripping at the seams as his muscles shift, bones creaking. It's not a full change and for anyone other than shifters he and his opponent probably look grotesque, like a nightmare come to life, as they snarl at each other.

"He's not claimed!" the other alpha barks, spittle flying. "You clearly don't want him."

Craig growls. "He will be," he answers. "I want him. He's mine."

After that words become obsolete. The two of them snipe and circle, looking for an advantage and taking it when possible. It's not long until both of them are bloodied, though not seriously.

It's been a while since Craig's been in a fight but then again he's never been this motivated about winning either and instinct takes over. He feints to the right and when the other shifter falls for it, he lunges forward, legs slashing at an exposed belly and finding their target. The other alpha yelps shrilly, going limp and Craig pushes him down, going for the throat.

Bruno's fingers are tight on the bannister that separates the dance floor and the seating area. There's a space around him, none of the other shifters in the club wanting to be near him. Bruno is, after all, the prize of this fight and he knows that no matter who wins, nobody will get in the way of the victor. Nobody will stop him claiming his prize.

Had he seen Craig fight before Bruno might not be so concerned, but he hasn't and the other alpha is younger than Craig. As he watches though it becomes obvious that unless something goes hideously wrong Craig is going to win this.

Bruno isn’t going to deny it, and in fact wouldn't be able to given the way he's no doubt smelling right now, but watching Craig fight like this, for him, is a turn-on and Bruno is so hard it's almost painful. There's nothing he wants more right now than to have Craig claim him, and he doesn't even care if it happens back at Craig’s, or here in front of the other shifters.

Bruno breathes a sigh of relief and loosens his grip a little as Craig pushes the other alpha to the floor and goes for the throat. This is shifter business and nothing will happen to Craig if he kills the other alpha. That's not always the guaranteed ending to a fight like this and Bruno watches closely to see what Craig is going to do.

Craig tightens his jaws around the alpha's throat, canines breaking skin easily. He could kill him, should perhaps, and is teetering on the decision when something distracts him; a scent so strong it derails all thoughts of violence. Well, at least this kind of violence.

Craig lifts his face, inhaling deeply, and there, under the blood and stench of the fight and other shifters, he can smell Bruno's desperate arousal.

And if he can smell it, so can everyone else. With a growl Craig steps over the fallen alpha, barely registering someone dragging him off the floor, presumably to get treatment. Craig, however, is entirely focused on Bruno, who is waiting by edge of the dance floor, his eyes glazed and mouth open. Craig takes a step closer and the space around Bruno grows even wider, other shifters backing away.

Another step and Bruno backs away too, not out of fear but like he's leading Craig somewhere, hoping he'll follow

Craig is panting, trying to claw back some shreds of control. He wants to claim Bruno right now, push him to the floor and bite him and fuck him, but he also wants to get him away from here. Who knows if there are other alphas willing to challenge Craig's claim before it's been properly made and he's not so sure he has it in him to win another fight like this.

The blood is staining Craig's mouth and hands and Bruno continues to back slowly toward the entrance. Although he has no massive objection to being claimed and fucked here, it would be safer to do it back at Craig's, in their territory. These shifters are not part of their pack.

There's a movement to the side, one of the other shifters moving back from the entrance door and Craig snarls, his attention taken away from Bruno. "Craig," Bruno says his name softly and Craig's attention is back on him. He's almost stalking Bruno now, his steps predatory as he follows him and his eyes keep flicking from Bruno's face to his neck.

And then they're at the entrance and Bruno turns to the door. It's been unlocked and he realises that’s what the shifter behind him had been doing, opening it for them to leave. There's a split second and then Craig is pressed up against his back, his muzzle at Bruno's neck.

Bruno shivers and it's all he can do to stop from bearing his neck then and there, letting Craig bite him.

"Home," he tells Craig. "We need to get home. Where it's safe. From other wolves."

"No others," Craig snarls. Bruno's scent is making him feel dizzy and invincible, blood coursing through him strongly. "Do you want me to kill him?" he asks, nose pressed behind Bruno's ear.

The wolf is shouting ‘yes!’ in Bruno's head, wanting to see Craig kill the other shifter who had threatened to take Bruno away from him but Bruno isn't as far gone as Craig. "No," he answers. "I don't want you to kill him. He's not worthy of anymore of your attention. Come on." He opens the door, throwing a look over his shoulder at his mate.

Craig follows and thankfully there are vacant taxis outside the club. Bruno flags one down and a few moments later they're on the way back to Craig's house. It's a cab catering to shifters, strengthened glass between them and the driver, with inbuilt steel rods, for which Bruno is grateful. He ignores the occasional looks the cabbie is throwing the mirror. Bruno rests his hand on Craig's leg and looks into his eyes. "Try and change back a little more," he says.

It's an effort but if that's what Bruno wants then Craig is willing to make it. Being away from the bar helps, as does Bruno's proximity. A few minutes later Craig's back has straightened to a more human posture again, his face mostly flat and hands looking like hands once more. Well, almost.

Bruno keeps touching him throughout and Craig can't tear his eyes away from him, the tempting vee of his shirt even bigger now, ripped by the other alpha. Craig doesn't see any marks on Bruno's skin but he can smell the other alpha on him so he has to ask: "Did he touch you? Hurt you?"

Just because Craig has given up on killing the other alpha for now, doesn't mean he won't go back tomorrow and finish the job if there's so much as a scratch on his mate.

Bruno can guess where Craig's mind is going and he pulls his t-shirt down so Craig can see his neck.

"No," he didn't hurt me although I think if you hadn't been there he would have claimed me."  Craig growls, face starting to morph back to a muzzle and Bruno leans up and carefully licks at Craig's jaw.

"I'm fine Craig but... I will be glad when we are home."

It's not a lie, and it's not just because of the claiming that Bruno wants to be back at Craig's. He's feeling unsettled from the fight. He’d wanted to join in, side by side with his mate, but couldn't and although the wolf and human both understand why, neither of them like it.  Were he in wolf form right now he knows that his hackles would be up.

The sense of relief when they pull up outside the house is palpable. Craig is out of the taxi first, sniffing the air to make sure there are no threats around and only letting Bruno out once he's sure it's safe.

Well. Safe from anyone else. Because now that they are back on his territory, all bets are off. Craig is done waiting. With a growl he turns to Bruno who takes one look at him and all but runs to the front door, fumbling for a key. Craig is beyond caring which side of the door this will take place, all he knows is that it's going to happen right now. He's going to claim his mate as soon as he can get his hands on him.

Craig has quite clearly run out of patience and for a second Bruno considers the house, but that would be too quick and he wants a bit of a chase.  Wants to be caught by Craig. Caught and claimed. If they were at the cabin he'd be heading for the woods right now but he fumbles at the door lock, Craig's breath is hot against his neck.

"Mi cattura," Bruno tells him and then he twists, running toward the garden. Thankfully, the gate is on a latch and Bruno is through, shutting and locking it behind him.  It's dark, and despite the street lights Bruno can still see the stars, the waxing moon casting a dim light over the garden.

So, his beta wants to play. The grin spreading over Craig's face is feral and full of teeth. He gives Bruno a bit of a head start, though not too much, before tearing after him.

The sound of the garden gate slamming shut brings him to a halt. Craig considers his options for a moment and then turns, following along the wall, crouching low and quiet as he stalks his prey.

The neighbourhood is silent apart for an occasional car passing by and after a while it's easy to hear Bruno's breathing as he moves through the garden. The smell of arousal is mixing with grass and evening dew, and when Craig opens his mouth he can taste it all, like a heavy mead settling on his tongue.

Bruno toes off his shoes and socks, and carefully heads to the left, toward one of the darker, more overgrown, sections. The garden is a good size and apart for the area near the house, where the barbecue and sitting area are, it's pretty wild, with twisty paths, aloe plants, trees and bushes providing green cover.

He finds a spot where he has a wall against his back, camouflaged by bushes but still having a reasonable vantage point. Dropping to a crouch he settles in to wait to see what Craig will do.

Craig tracks Bruno's scent on the other side of the wall, following along toward the far corner where it suddenly becomes stronger. Bruno is just on the other side. It won't be long until he'll smell Craig too, but a few seconds is all the advantage he needs.

Quietly, Craig scales the wall, an easy task with his werewolf strength and balance. The scant moonlight is enough for his enhanced eyesight, and Bruno's crouched form is easy to make out.

Craig could just jump on him but he'd quite likes to see the expression on Bruno's face so instead he growls, a deep menacing rumble of it breaking the quiet.

Bruno is concentrating so much on what might be coming at him from the main part of the garden that he nearly jumps out of his skin at the growl behind him, a sound that he hadn't been expecting.

He throws a quick look behind him and takes a shaky breath at the sight of Craig on the top of the wall, wolf eyes shining in the dark, fangs and claws extended.

As Craig tenses to leap down Bruno is up and on his feet, pushing through the bushes. The adrenaline courses through him, both at being chased and the thought of being caught, and he twists into one of the other areas of the garden, knowing that he won't be able to keep out of reach for much longer.

Craig jumps down, landing on the exact spot Bruno had been crouching in not two seconds ago, the ground still warm from his body heat. Craig can hear him crashing through the garden, all pretence of subtlety gone, and his heart surges with the thrill of the chase.

Bruno is fast, but there's nowhere much to run here. Besides, this is Craig's territory and he knows it inside and out. Bruno is heading toward the trees at the edge of the house and Craig circles around, planning on waiting for him there instead of following.

Bruno curses as he trips over a branch and glances nervously over his shoulder but Craig isn't there. He drops down into a crouch again, and tries to see if he can scent Craig but it's difficult. This is Craig's garden and it all smells of Craig. It's pretty obvious as well that on occasion his mate has given into his shifter instincts and marked the property as any wolf would.

He takes a deep breath, hair rising on the back of his neck and his skin feels tight on his body. Bruno stays down and begins to move slowly forward on his hands and knees, wondering where the hell Craig has gone. Carefully, he keeps the wall to his left side and follows the sound of trickling water, and a moment later he's pushing through to the corner of the garden where there's a slightly overgrown pond. What he's not expecting to see though is Craig, waiting for him.

"Enough running," Craig says, and before Bruno has a chance to do more than open his mouth in shock, he jumps.

They land in a tangle of limbs, half in the pond, and half on the long grass surrounding it, water splashing everywhere and turning the ground muddy. Bruno yelps in surprise, but there's no fear in his voice, just sheer exhilaration as he turns and tries to squirm away.

Craig wrenches his flailing arms up, pushing them to the ground above Bruno's head, and goes straight for the throat. The action is similar to the one he made with the other alpha during the fight, but the meaning is completely different. This time the throat is bared willingly and Craig's fangs settle over it firmly though not breaking the skin. Instead, he takes his time sniffing and licking, rubbing his head and his scent over every exposed patch of skin on Bruno's neck and chest. He growls in frustration when the t-shirt gets in the way, but that's only a case of one swift movement with a clawed hand and he has access to Bruno's torso.

Snuffling, Craig moves his investigation to Bruno's belly, nipping and licking his way downwards. As soon as he lets go of Bruno's hands they fly to his shoulders, clutching tightly as the smaller shifter whines and bucks under Craig's ministrations.

Craig's tongue is rough and Bruno wriggles at the sensation, wanting more. He's so turned on right now he doesn't really know what to do with himself. Normally, he might push his hand between their bodies and bring himself off quickly but that isn’t an option right now. This is Craig's show and Bruno is pretty sure if he did anything to like that he'd get bitten, and not in a good way.

Craig continues to nip and lick at his skin and Bruno digs his own claws into Craig's shoulders, the sharp tang of blood scenting the air as he breaks the skin.

"Please, please..." Bruno begs pushing up against Craig. He doesn't want to hold this off anymore, wants Craig to fuck him.

Bruno's begging breaks through the last of Craig's restraint and with a growl he pulls Bruno fully onto solid ground, flipping him over easily. Craig snarls in lust and frustration, slashing at Bruno's t-shirt until it falls off in tatters, his claws leaving long bloody rakes across Bruno's back.

Not that he seems to mind, scrambling to get on his hands and knees, desperately tugging at his trousers. Tempting as Bruno's ass is, right now Craig is focused on the tanned slope of a shoulder and with a satisfied howl he wraps his arms around Bruno, bringing him flush against his chest as he sinks his fangs into the base of Bruno's neck.

The flash of blood overwhelms him, coppery and hot, and Craig rubs his cock against the small of Bruno's back as he finally marks his mate.

Craig clawing at his back hurts and Bruno can feel the blood trailing down his side, but it's nothing like the pain when Craig bites him. Bruno howls. It's hard to concentrate, his head is swimming and his world has narrowed to the touch and smell of his mate, the way they are joined. Bruno doesn't want it to end, doesn't want Craig to pull his fangs out, but he knows what's coming next and he wants that too, to complete the claiming.

He digs his claws into Craig's thighs trying to steady himself, and rubs his backside against Craig's cock.

Craig pants, the taste of blood bright in his mouth as he wrenches Bruno's trousers down, past the swell of his buttocks, ripping at the fabric until there's room enough for him to spread Bruno's legs as far as they will go. His mate reeks of sex already, and Craig bends low, shoving his face between Bruno's cheeks to smell him properly, tongue darting out to taste, lapping at Bruno's hole like he can't get enough, going deeper and deeper each time until Bruno is shaking with it, clawing at the ground, continuous whine rising from his throat.

Craig's tongue is slippery and thick as he pushes inside and Bruno mewls. It's been a long time since he's done this, had it done to him, and oh god he'd almost forgotten just how good it is. Craig seems to know exactly what he's doing and his tongue doesn't let up. Bruno bites down, trying not to scream, and tightens his arms so that he doesn't collapse onto the grass completely.

Bruno starts to push back against Craig's face, fucking himself on Craig's tongue and it feels so fucking good he thinks he might just black out. His cock is dripping with pre-come and Bruno knows it won't take much to make him come and he can't stop making the most desperate noises.

When Bruno is as wet and loose as he's going to get, Craig lifts his face, leaving a stinging bite in the meaty part of a buttock; another bruise to mark Bruno as his. He frees his cock with one hand, barely coherent enough to watch out for his own claws, and then pushes Bruno's head down, spreading his cheeks with both hands.

Bruno is tight and the wolf in Craig's head growls in satisfaction as he pushes in to the hilt without pausing for breath. Beneath him, Bruno chokes on a moan but Craig is beyond taking it slow, the need to claim and possess overwhelming as he thrusts into his mate again and again.
Jesus fuck, Craig is big and Bruno can barely breathe. He tries to relax but it's not as if Craig is really giving him any opportunity, fucking him harder and harder. It's at times like this that Bruno is glad that shifters don't take after their wolf brethren too closely. Thank god there's no chance of knotting, he’s not sure he could deal with that. As it is, because Craig is partially shifted, his cock is longer than it would normally be as a human.

Bruno pants and concentrates on staying upright, which is becoming more and more difficult the way Craig is fucking him. Craig adjusts his angle slightly and Bruno howls as Craig hits his prostate. Once he's found it he doesn't stop and Bruno digs his claws into the ground as Craig starts to pound into him.

Craig can't hear past the combined beating of their hearts and constant, desperate moaning of his mate. He can feel his orgasm coiling low in his belly, his spine curving as his fucks Bruno open, at the last moment biting down on the previously unmarked shoulder as he spills inside, cock pulsing, fangs pushing down and into Bruno's willing flesh.

As Craig bites down, Bruno screams louder, not caring that anybody might hear him. His knees buckle as Craig's full weight pushes down on him, his clawed hands on either side of Bruno's own.  Bruno pushes back once, twice and then he's coming as well. He whites out for a moment and then slowly slides down onto the ground, his knees no longer capable of holding him up. Craig follows him down, pressing Bruno's body into the cool earth until he is utterly surrounded by his mate. Bruno closes his eyes and relaxes, feeling completely safe. Claimed. Mated.

They lie like that for long minutes, breathing in sync as the sweat cools on their skin, claws and muzzle slowly retreating. Craig hasn't ever felt this content, this settled; the feeling of rightness is bone-deep and satisfying. He has claimed a mate and it's like a puzzle piece slotting to place, the way Bruno fits against him, filling all the empty spaces in his life.

Slowly he lifts his head just enough to rub his nose against the base of Bruno's skull, breathing in their mingled scent. Bruno's shoulders are covered in blood, sticky now, and meticulously Craig starts cleaning him off, licking at the wounds until they are bleeding afresh, though only a little. Shifter healing means they are already closing, though the scars will remain as a permanent mark of the claim.

Inch by inch, Craig moves down Bruno's back, his cock slipping out and making both of them moan brokenly at the loss. Craig can smell his come seeping out of Bruno's hole and he uses his tongue to spread it around, to push it back in.

Bruno whines, jerking at the feel. There’s nowhere to go though as Craig’s hands hold him in place and as Bruno’s panting increases, he starts to harden again. That's no real surprise; he knows that what had just happened, had only been the beginning. By morning he was going to be fucked out and probably not able to walk. Bruno moans as Craig licks at his entrance, tasting him again and he starts to push up on his knees, presenting his ass to Craig, giving him better access.

A moment later Craig pulls him up and pushes him hard against a tree trunk. Bruno yelps a little as the bark scratches against his bare skin but doesn't protest.  He wraps his arms around the trunk and holds on, knowing that he's about to get fucked again.

Craig is hard once more. Werewolves have an excellent recovery time even normally but during mating it's going to take much more than just one orgasm to sate either of them.

Bruno is still slick and open and Craig pushes his fingers in easily, revelling in the needy moans of his mate, the way he willingly fucks himself on Craig's hand. Not that he has much patience to enjoy the show for long.

Wanting to see Bruno's face this time Craig flips him around, urging him to grab the trunk above his head as he hooks his arms under Bruno's knees and lifts, carrying the weight with ease.

Bruno grips the branches above his head, holding tight. His arms are stretched a little but that feels good too. Craig lifts his arms, taking Bruno's legs with him and then he lowers him down onto his cock.

It's a little painful, and the position means that Craig is deep inside him.  Keeping his eyes on Craig, Bruno leans down and licks along Craig's mouth. "Come on then," he tells him.  "Fuck me."

Craig doesn't need to be told twice. His arm muscles tense as he lifts Bruno up, almost but not quite off his cock, before letting him fall back down, gravity bringing them flush together. Their position means that all of the work is Craig's and he controls their coupling, grateful for werewolf strength that makes it possible. He doesn't mind, enjoys being able to pull Bruno onto his cock, moaning and pliant as Craig sets a pace that is only marginally less brutal than their first time.

Craig comes first again, his arms trembling and hips snapping up, mouth wet and open against Bruno's throat. Eventually he stops, carefully lowering Bruno's legs to the ground. He's still hard, cock curved up against his belly, and it's no decision at all for Craig to slide to his knees and take him in to his mouth, wanting to taste this part of his mate too

Bruno slowly unclasps his fingers from the branches and lowers his arms, choosing instead to the cling to the tree behind him as Craig licks carefully at the head of his cock. He’s grateful right now that Craig's claws have fully retracted and that it's only his fingers that are wrapped around the base.

Bruno moans, head falling back on the tree trunk as Craig sucks him in. Craig is taking it slowly and Bruno curses softly at him, looking back down. The alpha is watching him, eyes still golden – the wolf looking out – and Bruno bucks up into Craig's mouth. "Fuck, fuck, Craig..." He's panting and close and wants nothing more than to spill into Craig's mouth.

Bruno releases one of his hands from the tree and brings it down, stroking it over Craig's jaw and mouth, up his face and into his hair. He grips a little tightly at the hair, and Craig growls around his cock. Bruno shivers at the sound. "Gonna come," he warns Craig, not knowing whether Craig will want to swallow or not.

Craig can taste Bruno's approaching orgasm, smell it too, and he only takes Bruno deeper, humming in contentment as his mate floods his mouth. He swallows every drop, licking Bruno's cock clean afterwards, undeterred by the way he tries to twist away, oversensitive by now.

Bruno sags back against the tree, almost flinching at the continued touch. Craig simply moves his hands so he's holding Bruno by his hips and slows down the movement of his tongue over Bruno's cock, taking his time. Bruno curses softly at him and Craig throws him a feral grin, wondering how Bruno would react if Craig made him come again right now. It's an interesting thought, but maybe for a future time. Right now, Craig wants to get his mate inside the house.

"Come on." He pushes up and wraps his hand around Bruno's wrist.

"Bossy much," Bruno mutters but it's not a complaint. He quite likes it, although he wouldn't want Craig to be like that all of the time. It is though the nature of the beast and it's as impossible for Craig to ignore his natural urges as it is for Bruno to ignore his.

They leave Bruno's clothes where Craig had shredded them and Bruno trails after Craig into the house. He's a mess; grass stains and mud on his hands and knees, marks and cuts over his body, legs and belly streaked in come – his own and Craig's mingling on his skin, their scents combined.

"Shower, c'mon," Craig says, steering Bruno in the direction of the bathroom. It's not that he wants to wash off the evidence of the claiming just yet, but the idea of having Bruno fully naked and wet under his hands appeals. Besides, it'll give him an excuse to mark him up again. As far as Craig is concerned Bruno is going to spend the rest of his life smelling like him.

Bruno mutters something at him drowsily, stepping into the large walk-in shower without much prodding. The warm water seems to revive him though and after a few minutes standing under the spray, just enjoying the closeness, he turns and regards Craig with pursed lips.

"What?" Craig asks, amused.

"Well that won't do," Bruno says as if continuing some conversation he's started inside his own head. Then he nods determinedly and before Craig has a chance to ask any more questions he finds himself being pushed against the water slick tiles.

Bruno winds his arms around Craig's neck and honest to god pouts up at him. "Hot as all this animalistic sex is, I'm also a man of refined tastes and expectations," he declares.

Craig snorts. "Is that so?" he asks. "And what kind of expectations have I failed to meet so far?" He means the question as joking, knows full well that Bruno is kidding around, but it comes out rough around the edges regardless, because even the thought of disappointing his mate makes Craig's chest constrict painfully.

Bruno's eyes grow soft and he drops a kiss to the underside of Craig's jaw, rising on tiptoe to reach. "This," he explains, lips brushing at the corner of Craig's mouth now, his meaning clear.

By the time Bruno kisses him properly, Craig is smiling again.

Bruno slides his hands down Craig's chest, exploring his mate which he hasn't really had chance to do yet. The initial urgency of the mating has lessened a little although Bruno knows it's not over yet.

Craig is wet and Bruno squeezes some shower gel into his hands, wanting to wash his mate. Craig remains still, his eyes dark as he watches Bruno, simply turning and lifting his arms when he needs to. It's a pleasure to be able to touch Craig like this and Bruno takes his time, making sure that he gets to know Craig's body well.

Once Craig is clean enough for Bruno, Bruno presses close to him and puts his hand around the back of Craig's head, pulling Craig down so their lips meet.  His mate is hard again and Bruno rubs against him, enjoying the soft growl that Craig makes.

Bruno likes kissing and as far as he's concerned there's been a distinct lack of it so far this evening.  He licks along Craig's lips, and then inside as Craig opens his mouth.  His hands grip at Craig's shoulders and for a while there's nothing else; just the two of them kissing under the shower, warm and content and happy.

Eventually, Bruno pulls back. He runs his thumb across Craig's swollen lips and then he slowly drops to his knees in front of his alpha. Craig is still hard and Bruno wants nothing more right now than to blow him, to see what his mate tastes like. His fingers trail over Craig's thighs and Bruno follows it with his mouth, licking and nipping softly at the skin. Craig makes an inarticulate sound, and Bruno grins up at him.

"Your turn," he tells him before leaning in and wrapping his hand around the base of Craig's cock.  Bruno blows softly over the head and then starts to lick at it slowly and carefully, wanting to taste everything.

"Jesus fuck, Bruno." Craig's hands come down and curl into Bruno's hair.

Bruno looks good on his knees, hair water slick and curling around Craig's fingers, his mouth almost shockingly hot around his cock. He's good at this too, something Craig is unsurprised by even though the gratitude is mixed with jealousy. It's that streak of alpha possessiveness, mile wide and ingrained, that makes him fist Bruno's hair in earnest, pushing his cock in hard.

"Mine," he grates out and Bruno moans, sinking deeper. It doesn't take long after that until Craig is coming down Bruno's willing throat, pulling out for the last few spurts to mark his face too.

With a groan he slumps down to the floor, pulling Bruno to straddle his lap. "Yeah," he says, mouthing at the bruises he left earlier. "C'mon, want you to come on me."

Bruno shudders, wrapping a hand around his cock.

His fingers are slippery as he works his cock, hand moving up and down. He isn't going to last long, normally his staying power is a lot better than it has been tonight but it's pretty obvious that Craig doesn't have any problem with Bruno being that turned on he can't stop himself from coming.

Craig bites down on one of the marks he made earlier and Bruno cries out, hand beginning to move faster and faster, and then he's coming over Craig as instructed. Craig’s bite deepens momentarily before easing, and Bruno slumps forward, leaning his forehead on his mate's shoulder.

They stay like that for a while, Craig's arms encircling him and holding him close.

Eventually Craig pushes him away slightly.

"C'mon," he says, grinning. "Let's get out of the shower before things start to shrivel."

Bruno snickers, casting a meaningful glance between them. "Don't think there's much danger of that."

Craig laughs, pushing to his feet and pulling Bruno with him. He flicks the shower shut, grabbing a couple of towels from the rack and then gets too distracted watching Bruno rub himself dry to do the same himself.

Bruno notices of course, and in a move familiar from a few weeks ago at the cabin, bends at the waist to give his toes a thorough patting with the towel. "So..." he drawls, when he finally straightens again and casts a mock innocent gaze in Craig's direction, "Bed?"

Craig opens his mouth to agree but then has a much better idea. "Actually..." he says, smirking now, "I believe there's a chair in the lounge that you found particularly enjoyable not too long ago."

Bruno blinks and then a delighted grin spread over his face. "Race you!" he says, tossing his towel over Craig's head to distract him and sprints off.

Craig laughs, happy, and gives chase.

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