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Black Tulip Fiction
Strictly Come Dancing Fic: Caricias - Part 2 
5th-Jan-2014 07:25 pm

Read Part 1 first (including the header information)

The ride is thankfully short though long enough that Craig's higher cognitive functions have time to pipe up with some pointed questions like 'are you sure about this?' and 'Bruno?' and 'shouldn't you at least wait?' The answers he comes up with, however, are an emphatic yes, yes and no. For all it may seem sudden it isn't really and he knows Bruno better than he has known anyone else before taking them to his bed. Or going to theirs as the case seems to be. They have over ten years of history between them, for god's sake.

"Second thoughts?" Bruno asks, his face carefully neutral but Craig can hear the apprehension in his voice.

"Yes," Craig says and then before Bruno has the time to jump to the wrong conclusions. "They're the same as the first ones." He reaches across the seat and squeezes Bruno's hand.

Bruno squeezes back. "Good, that's good," he answers, pleased at Craig's words. For a moment there he had wondered whether Craig was going to back out. Whether he'd thought better of what they were doing. But Craig still seems to want this as much as Bruno.

A short while later they're standing outside Bruno's house, the London air cool around them. Bruno flicks a quick look at Craig before opening the door. He steps inside and keys in the security code before turning back to Craig who has followed him in. Before Craig can do anything or even move further into the house, Bruno slams the door shut and pushes Craig against the nearest wall. His hands sink into Craig's hair, his grip tight as he pulls his head down and kisses him, tongue pushing into Craig's mouth.

 It seems like the time for talking is over. Craig groans, just leaning against the wall and letting Bruno have his way. It seems he's still not quite over the spike of possessiveness Matt's attention had elicited, and there is sharpness in his kisses, a bite that demands an answer. Craig takes it all; lets Bruno pull off his jacket, his shirt from his trousers, the feel of warm hands against his side making him buck helplessly.

He tries to get his own hands on Bruno but isn't given much of an opportunity. "Let me," Craig gasps out in between the kisses, "C'mon, Bruno, let me."

"What?" Bruno asks, lifting his mouth from Craig's neck just long enough get the word out.

Fuck, Bruno is making it hard to concentrate but Craig's determined. He wants his mouth on him and he thinks it's something that will help too; something that will remind Bruno it's him Craig came home with.

"This," he says, pushing off the wall and spinning them around in a move that’s not particularly smooth though it is effective. Bruno exhales in surprise as it’s his back that hits the wall now and Craig takes the opportunity to enjoy the sight for a split second before dropping to his knees right there on the hallway floor, their discarded jackets and scarves littered around them.

Oh god and that's just... Bruno reaches out an unsteady hand to Craig, touching his hair, not quite believing that Craig is on his knees in front of him.

"Craig..." he whispers. “What are you...?" Although he has a pretty good idea of what Craig is about to do, confirmed when Craig smiles at him before shuffling forward on his knees and starting to fumble at Bruno's trousers. Bruno wants it, wants Craig's mouth on him like he’d said, but he also wants to fuck him and as fit as he is that isn't going to happen if Craig sucks him off.

"You have no idea how much I want this... but I want to fuck you as well."

"Who says the two are mutually exclusive?" Craig asks. He's trying for light and teasing, but his voice comes out too gruff, too obviously turned on for that. His fingers are clumsy on the zipper and hook of Bruno's trousers, not that he seems to mind.

"Craig... " His name trails off in a gasp as Craig manages to get a hand inside, tracing the outline of Bruno's cock through his underwear. As cliché as it sounds, his mouth is actually watering, and he spreads his own legs, knees digging into the floor painfully, in an effort to relieve some of the pressure in his groin.

"Fuck, I mean it," Bruno says, though he is making no serious effort to stop Craig as he pushes Bruno's trousers and briefs down just enough to pull his cock out.

"I do too," Craig says, flicking his tongue over the already wet head, the bitter, intimate taste of it making his eyelids slide half shut. "You just have to make sure you don't come yet." He lowers his mouth again, this time taking Bruno in all the way.

Bruno groans as he drops his head back against the door, his fingers tightening in Craig's hair. He's babbling at him, English and Italian rolling into each other, making a language of their own. Craig's mouth is hot and wet on his cock, the suction just right as he slides his mouth up and down. Bruno takes a deep breath and looks down, only to meet Craig's eyes.

"Fuck, fuck, Craig, your mouth... feels so good," he gasps out shakily as Craig slides his mouth off Bruno's cock and starts to lick at the head. It's a move that makes him twist his fingers in Craig's hair, tugging at it slightly. Craig moans and Bruno bucks up as Craig slides back down again, his eyes fluttering shut as he concentrates on sucking Bruno's cock. It's obscene; the look of bliss on his face and his mouth red and spit slick as he carries on sucking. The sight alone is almost enough to make Bruno come and he's pretty close, both from the make out session at the party and simply watching Craig now.

Bruno doesn't think that he'll be able to control himself much longer and much as he'd like to come down Craig's throat, or indeed over his face, he wasn't lying when he said he wanted to fuck Craig.  "Craig, Craig," he gasps out tugging at his hair. "Stop, please, you must stop else I will come."

Craig is pretty sure he can win this one if he pushes. He still has a few tricks up his sleeve and he thinks that if he deep throated Bruno right now the results would be ... well, inevitable. But...Craig flashes again to the image of Bruno over him, inside of him and god he wants that. So he pulls off with one last lick, settling back on his haunches as he looks up. Bruno is breathing heavily, his hand still idly petting Craig's hair.

Normally, what Bruno is suggesting would be right out with a new partner but... Craig knows Bruno, knows he would never... He trusts him. As simple as that. "Here?" he asks, voice gravelly from use. And he means it; would lie back right here on the floor and pull Bruno on top of him if that's what he wants.

At any other time Bruno would be sorely tempted to continue with what they're doing. The used timbre of Craig's voice makes his fingers itch to reach out and hold Craig's head steady, push his thumbs into the corners of Craig's mouth, to see if Craig would just take it. But no, not now.  What Bruno wants more than anything is to fuck Craig. To see just what Craig looks like when he comes apart.

"No, not here," he answers, voice as gravelly as Craig's. "I don't want our first time to be on the floor. This time..." He looks Craig over noting with pleasure that Craig is as hard as him. "This time we use a bed."

He kicks out of his trousers and pants and takes his shirt off so he is standing naked in front of Craig. It's a pleasure to see the way Craig's eyes darken as he looks Bruno up and down. "Come on," he says extending his hand to Craig. "You are wearing way too many clothes. Time for you to lose them." He throws a wicked grin at Craig and pulls him up, steadying him against him. "Bedroom."

Craig grins, unabashedly happy, and turns toward the stairs. Bruno, naked as the day he was born, crowds him all the way upstairs, hands never leaving Craig's back, waist, hips, occasionally ghosting over his arse and making his breath catch. By the time they reach the landing, Craig has unbuttoned his shirt and Bruno is tugging it off him. Craig hesitates for a moment, not sure which door leads to the master bedroom. For all the times he's been to Bruno's house he's never had the reason to venture here before.

"Here," Bruno says and pushes Craig toward the last door on the left. He flicks the lights on, dimmed but plenty to see by, and Craig turns around backing a few steps toward the bed. He takes the opportunity to really look at Bruno now, at the tanned skin and muscle that still clearly show the years of hard work. Bruno looks good and he knows it, something that Craig, who has always battled with his self-image, envies. Here, now, he's having no such issues because the heat in Bruno's eyes leaves him in no doubt about how much he wants Craig. He pulls his shirt all the way off, hands dropping to the fastening of his trousers.

"You going to watch?" he asks "or are you going to help?"

Well now, that's almost a challenge. Bruno crosses his arms and slowly looks Craig up and down, enjoying the sight of bare flesh. "I have no objection to a strip tease but this time," he steps further into the room until he's standing in front of Craig, "this time I think I'm going to help." He bats Craig's hands away and runs the knuckles of his left hand over the very obvious bulge in Craig's trousers. Craig gasps but drops his hands to his side, letting Bruno take over for a moment.

Bruno smiles up at him as he easily undoes the button on Craig's trousers and pulls down the zip. He slides his hand up and then down Craig's chest, trailing his fingers lightly over the hair that leads beneath Craig's waistband. "Nice," Bruno tells him as he moves his left hand to curve onto Craig's hip. "Very nice." He slips his spare hand inside Craig's trousers and into Craig's pants, wrapping his fingers around Craig's cock.

Craig curls forward, his hands flying up to Bruno's arms for support, head coming to rest on his shoulder as he shudders and pants. "Fuck, fuck, fuck," he chants, mouth moving helplessly against Bruno's neck, "Oh fuck, oh please." There's not a lot of room inside his trousers and Bruno's hand is twisted awkwardly, barely three fingers curled around the head of Craig's cock, jacking him off with a slow, maddeningly light touch. He wants more, needs more, but it's so good, the way Bruno is holding him close, the hand on his hip, the constant stream of praise and filthy promises falling off his lips, that Craig knows that he could come just like this.

God just to hear those words from Craig sends a further surge of possessiveness through Bruno. But as much as he wants to continue touching him, wants to bring Craig off, what he wants more is for Craig to come whilst he's fucking him.

He slows his hand, ignoring the whine of complaint from Craig and the way that Craig grips harder at his arms. "No," he shakes his head. "Not yet. Want you to be fully naked."

Letting go of Craig's cock, he pulls his hand slowly out and starts to push Craig's trousers and pants down, ignoring the way that Craig is pouting at him. "Oh shush," he tells him. "You'll get to come when I'm inside you. Not before. Not tonight."

Once Craig is naked Bruno takes a step back to look him over. "Gorgeous," he tells Craig. "You are gorgeous Craig."  Before Craig can respond to Bruno's words he starts to walk him backwards towards the bed.

Craig goes easily, sitting down when the backs of his legs hit the edge of the mattress. "Bossy," he tells Bruno with a raised eyebrow, but there's no complaint in it, not really. Craig is a little surprised that he doesn't mind, he's not usually quite this... accommodating in bed, but it's almost like Bruno has something to prove here, not to Craig, but to himself, and if taking the lead tonight, fucking Craig into the mattress as he'd promised, will help him work it out of his system, then Craig is willing to let him do that. It's not like it's a hardship. Besides, he reckons, turnabout is a fair play, and whether Bruno truly yet believes it, there will most definitely be another night and many more besides.

Bruno steps between Craig's legs, which puts his hard cock at a rather tempting level. Craig bypasses it though, simply rubbing his face against Bruno's stomach, inhaling the scent of clean skin and some no doubt expensive cologne, nipping the loose skin at Bruno's side a little and then soothing it with his tongue.

Bruno shudders at the touch of Craig's tongue, still not quite believing that they're here. That Craig is here with him, in his bedroom. "Want you," he tells him, softly running his fingers through Craig's hair and scratching lightly at the back of his neck. "Want you so much Craig." He bends his head and kisses Craig's upturned face.

They kiss for a few moments and then Bruno pushes Craig back down onto the bed.

Craig scoots up until he's fully on the mattress, leaning on his elbow, watching as Bruno crawls in after him, over him, and fuck, this is what he's been wanting for a while. The feel of Bruno's warm body pressing against his, skin to skin, is amazing, and Craig drops his head back, giving better access to Bruno who is back to leaving sharp, almost painful kisses to his neck and chest. "Yeah, fuck, please," Craig pants, hooking a leg around Bruno's and pulling him close. "How'd you want me?" he asks, voice cracking on a moan.

'Every way,' Bruno thinks but he doesn't say it, still a little unsure, a little nervous that this might just be one time only. And if this is a one off then he wants to be able to see Craig as he takes him. "Like this," he tells him, nipping slightly at Craig's neck, lips and teeth tracing the line of Craig's throat until he reaches the pulse point. He sucks at the spot, knowing that he's marking Craig but not caring, the erratic feel of Craig's heartbeat exciting him.

Sitting back, he runs his hands over Craig's chest, pleased at how Craig drops his leg, letting him move more freely. Not that he didn't like the feel of it, but this way he can touch and look. He pinches at Craig's nipples to see how he reacts, his cock swelling at the way that Craig bucks up under him.

"Like this," he repeats softly.  Reaching over to the bedside cabinet he opens the drawer pulling out condom and lubricant.

He stops for a moment and looks at Craig who has stilled. "Is this okay?" he asks. "You still good with this, Craig?"

Craig is both frustrated and relieved Bruno has asked. Frustrated because yes, god, isn't it obvious, wasn't it he who brought it up in the first place, and relieved because... well, it is so clear that if he says 'no, he's changed his mind, let's do something else' Bruno would not push it, would probably roll right over and let Craig fuck him instead. But as much as Craig wants to do that too, that's for another time.

"Yes," he says, reaching out and touching any part of Bruno he can reach; his thigh, his arm, his fingers wrapped around a bottle of lube. "Yes, I'm good with it, yes, I want it. Just..." He spreads his legs further, hitching one up to give Bruno better access. "Get on with it."

Bruno just stares at him, eyes dark and cock heavy, but not moving, and Craig rolls his eyes a little and then when that doesn't work, he rolls his hips. "C'mon, Bruno, you want me to beg here? Because I can if that's what it takes." It's meant as a joke, to snap Bruno out of whatever is going on in his head, but the “Fuck, please” that falls off his mouth is laced with desperation, far more close to the truth than he intended.

And fuck that does it, the way Craig is spread out for him and his words, the desperate sound of his voice. The way he clearly wants this. There's no backing down now. "Il mio," Bruno tells him as he moves between Craig’s legs."Il mio."

Bruno takes a moment to appreciate the sight in front of him before leaning forward and starting to trace Craig's body with his hands and mouth. When Craig tries to touch him back Bruno carefully places Craig's hands back on the bed. "Let me," he tells him. "Want to touch you all over, map you out, see what makes you beg." he gives Craig a wicked grin.

Craig huffs at him but lets his hands lie where Bruno has placed them. "Fine, fine," he says. "Have at it then."

Bruno laughs and does as Craig has requested, continuing his exploration of Craig's body, noting the way Craig jerks when he plays with his nipples, twisting and biting gently at them. Bruno likes that Craig seems to like a little pain. That it makes him buck up when Bruno bites at his left hip, leaving a mark.

He completely ignores Craig's cock, instead lightly scratching his nails over Craig's thighs to see what reaction he gets. It’s pretty clear from the way Craig is groaning that he has no problem with it and Bruno doesn't hesitate any longer, positioning himself between Craig's thighs. He places his hands on Craig's right leg, turning it out a little and then he sinks his teeth into the soft skin of Craig's inner thigh. Craig cries out, leg jerking a little and Bruno tightens his grip, biting harder.

Craig can honestly say that this he had not been expecting. But as surprises go it's a good one. A very good one. He's always been happy to play it a little rough in the bedroom especially with partners he trusts and Bruno's hands and mouth on him feel nothing but good, the pain of it pulsing along his nerves like a drug and Craig moans, his body arching, hips straining up. Bruno lets off eventually, humming in pleasure and Craig knows it's going to bruise and he's glad. Bruno keeps laving the tender skin with his tongue and just as Craig manages to get his breath back there are lube slick fingers brushing at his entrance.

Bruno doesn't make him wait, just pushes in with two fingers. It hurts. Not in a bad way but still and Craig hisses at the stretch, his hands fisting into the bed covers.

"Fuck , you're tight," Bruno says and then, clearly catching sight of Craig's face,  "Craig, you alright?" voice tinged with concern.

"Yeah, just... been a while," Craig grits out, willing himself to relax. Bruno blinks at him in evident surprise which is quickly starting to morph into kind of worried regret. When Craig feels him trying to withdraw his fingers his hand shoots out and clamps around Bruno's wrist, keeping him right where he is.

"Don't you dare stop," he snaps. "I want this. Want you."

Bruno bites at his lip, staring at Craig. If anything he's feeling slightly sick right now at the fact that he's hurt Craig, and to say that he's surprised at Craig's words is an understatement. He pats reassuringly at Craig's leg with his free hand. "I am sorry Craig," he tells him, "did not mean to hurt you."

Craig shakes his head in exasperation. "It happens Bruno, just take it a little slower. Please."

Bruno holds Craig's gaze for what feels like an eternity but can only have been seconds. Reassuring himself that Craig does want this. Bruno nods. "Slow then," he tells Craig. “I can do slow, but tell me please if I hurt you."

He waits until Craig lets go of his hand and then he begins to move his fingers again, but this time teasingly slow. He keeps it to two fingers only, twisting them carefully inside Craig. It's not long before Craig is fisting at the bed sheets again but this time it's obviously with pleasure, his head thrown back and eyes closed. Bruno smiles and shifts position slightly, moving the weight on his knees.

Slow is good, and he's enjoying slow right now. He'd like to take Craig hard but is more than happy to take his time in getting him ready. It also gives him more time to look at Craig who is gorgeous right now; legs bent and spread, hair damp on his face from sweat, hands tight on the bed.

"Bella," Bruno tells him. "So hot Craig." he twists his fingers, brushing against Craig's prostate and Craig cries out, hips jerking upwards.

Bruno wraps a hand around his own cock, squeezing at the base to try and calm himself down. It would be so easy to come right now, the silence of the room broken by Craig's gasps and soft moans, the slick wet sound of his fingers opening Craig up.  Bruno swallows hard.

Craig has been grateful when Bruno slows down, but pretty soon the pace goes from pleasurable to downright torturous. That slow, continuous push and twist of his finger is maddening and not nearly enough. Craig wants more, now, knows he's making sounds that are desperate but he doesn't care, pushing himself against Bruno's fingers, chasing the pleasure when he rubs against his prostate, the way it sparks at the base of his spine, the way it leaves his cock hard and leaking against his stomach.

He's trying to get enough breath together to tell Bruno that he's more than ready, that there's slow and then there's being a sadistic little bastard, that Craig isn't actually made of glass here. But every time he gets there, Bruno does something else that makes sure all that comes out is an incoherent groan.

When Bruno starts muttering at him in Italian, when Craig sees the effort he is exerting in holding himself in check, he finally has enough. He reaches out a shaky hand, raising himself up enough to get a fistful of Bruno's hair and drag him into a bruising kiss. "Fuck," he breathes against Bruno's surprise slack mouth. "Now. Fuck me. Right now." He lifts his hips, rubs his ass against Bruno's cock, just to drive the point home.

Bruno hisses at the words and sits back on his heels. His fingers tremble as he rips open the condom packet and slides it onto his cock. Craig moves as though to help and Bruno bats his hands away, knowing full well that if Craig touches his cock right now this will be all over.

"No," he tells him. “I can get..." He trails off not finishing the sentence. Bruno slicks up his cock, enjoying the way Craig's eyes darken and then positions himself again between Craig's spread legs. Holding his cock tightly at the base, he grits his teeth as he pushes into Craig. It’s tight, despite the slow preparation and Bruno digs his fingers into Craig's right thigh as he pushes in further.

Craig moans, hips snapping up to meet him and Bruno hisses as he bottoms out. He braces his hands on the bed, steadying himself for a moment, remembering that breathing is a good idea. He doesn't want this to be over before it even starts. "Fuck," he says, voice breaking a little. "Fuck, Craig."

"That's the general idea," Craig pants, stroking his hand over Bruno's chest.

God, it feels even better than Craig imagined; inside him Bruno is hard and stretching him open, moving only in small nudges that leave Craig impatient for more despite the burn. The weight of him, pressing Craig to the bed, is almost more intimate than the actual sex, and Craig arches under it, luxuriating in the feel of skin on skin, trailing his hands all over Bruno's arms and shoulders, mapping out the tense muscles.

"Come on," he says, trying for teasing but too turned on and desperate to pull it off. "You said you were going to fuck me until I forgot everything else." He raises a challenging eyebrow, which is the best he can do at the moment, scraping his nails up and down Bruno's back, hard enough that he knows it's going to leave marks.

It makes Bruno curse in surprise, and even better, his hips jerk away and back, in a tight staccato movement that makes Craig moan in pleasure. "Yeah, yeah, that's it," he pants, "come on, fuck me, please."

And that's, well that's all Bruno needs. Craig is tight around him and he moves his hands away from the bed. He places one hand on Craig's right thigh for leverage, and the other slides up the left arm, until he's holding Craig's bicep tightly for balance. Craig groans as Bruno starts to fuck him in earnest. Bruno bites down on his lips, tasting blood as he breaks skin. He licks it away and bends down so he's covering Craig, mouth finding Craig's.

Craig is greedy; raising his hips up to meet every thrust, opening his mouth to Bruno's tongue, running his hands up and down his back and shoulders, touching-tasting-licking-squeezing-holding everything he can and still wanting more. Bruno is still talking, even though Craig can only make out his name and an occasional curse word, swallowing the rest, drowning in the burn of Bruno's eyes, the look of such intensity that he cannot imagine never having had this, or never having this again.

It doesn't take long until he's coasting the edge of orgasm; his cock is trapped between their bodies, smearing wetly against Bruno's stomach as he moves. "Fuck, I need..." He moves his free hand between them, wrapping it around himself and groaning in relief. Bruno is fucking into him hard, his movements increasingly erratic, and the head of his cock rubbing over Craig's prostate on almost every thrust.

"Non," Bruno tells him pushing Craig's hand away from his cock. "Let me." He knows that he's being overly possessive right now but Bruno wants to be the one that brings Craig off. Wants to fuck him, and take him apart at the same time. Craig pouts a little but he lets go of his cock, allowing Bruno’s hand to take the place of his own.

Craig can feel himself starting to slide toward that uncontrollable pleasure, his balls tight, sweat springing up all over his body. "God, Bruno, I'm going to... Please, fuck, I..."

Bruno groans out loud at the way Craig tenses around him, and he knows he's not going to last long. Doesn't want to.  He moves his hand more quickly on Craig's cock, enjoying the way it makes Craig jerk and moan. Bruno rubs his thumb over the top of the leaking head and twists, doubling his speed, his mouth dropping to Craig's neck.

As the first waves of orgasm hit him, Craig feels Bruno's teeth sink into his skin, into the bruise he's already left. The sharp pain of it heightens everything and he drops back his head, squeezing rhythmically around Bruno who is still moving inside him.

Craig jerks against him shouting out his pleasure as he comes over both of them. Bruno moves his hands, gripping Craig's biceps, pressing him into the bed as he fucks him harder, his movements becoming more erratic as his own orgasm overtakes him.


It’s a long while until Craig’s muscles stop twitching and his breathing is back to normal. Above him, Bruno is a warm, boneless weight, his back sweat-slick under Craig's hands, and his cock is still inside him, though softening now. Craig lies there, limbs loose and heavy, enjoying the glorious ache that follows really good sex. Like the spectacular one that he and Bruno just had. Craig blinks at the ceiling, Bruno's hair tickling his nose, and huffs in laughter. This evening did not end the way he imagined it, that's for sure.

It's Craig's laughter that brings Bruno back to himself a little. He'd been thoroughly enjoying just lying there and basking in the afterglow and the feel of Craig around him.

"What?" he asks leaning up a little away from Craig.

Craig shakes his head. "Nothing... just I wasn't quite expecting my evening to end like this. Was expecting to be home on my own."

Oh. That makes Bruno smile. He leans in and kisses Craig simply because he can before pulling back again. He brushes the damp hair away from Craig's forehead. "I'm glad that it didn't end like that," he tells Craig.  "So... I think we should maybe sleep?" Craig smiles and nods, wincing only a little as Bruno slowly pulls out. He doesn't particularly want to move away but figures that Craig might want to breathe now. He rolls over onto the bed at the side of Craig, removes and ties off the condom, dropping it in the bin at the side of the bed.

Craig is quiet and Bruno reaches his hand out to him, pleased at the freedom he has to touch. "Craig do you want to sleep or would you prefer to shower?" he asks, knowing that some people don't like to sleep with the smell and touch of sex still upon them.

"I may regret this in the morning but..." Craig turns until he has an arm around Bruno, his face pressed against his arm and a leg thrown over both of Bruno's. "Sleep now, shower later." He's too tired for anything else, even for any kind of big talk, which he thinks may still be needed at some point. Sure they sorted out some basics at the party, but things had rapidly moved beyond reasonable discussion. Not that he regrets any of that.

Bruno settles at Craig's touch, wanting nothing more than to sleep right now. "Si," he says. "I think you are right." He closes his eyes, thinking that he will have no difficulty dropping off tonight. It's been a while since he had anybody stay over, and normally when Bruno does have a new person in his bed he finds it difficult to sleep. With Craig though he doesn't think there's going to be any problem.

"Goodnight Craig," he says softly, his hand coming to rest over Craig's.


An incessant buzzing noise wakes Craig up. He knows where he is immediately, the last night flooding back, accompanied by a delicious ache in his body that tells him he got well and truly fucked. The fact that Bruno is half on top of him, limbs spread like a starfish, is also rather a big reminder.

Craig half expects to be assailed with some doubts or uncertainties, but there are none – at least not from his side. And well... his hand goes up to the curve of his neck and the bruised skin there, still tender and probably a spectacular colour. From the way Bruno was acting last night, all possessive intent, Craig can't quite believe that it was all for one night.

There's the buzzing sound again and Craig finally figures out it's coming from his trouser pocket. It takes a little contortion, but eventually he manages to reach them without actually getting up. It's his phone, vibrating with a text message from his agent, reminding him of the 9 o'clock meeting he cannot, under any circumstances short of being dead, miss. Craig glances at the time – 6.30 – and curses silently. He wants nothing more than to burrow back under the covers and go to sleep but... Fuck, he has no spare clothes here and there's no way he can show up at the meeting wearing the suit from the party.

Bruno is slowly waking up, his arm tightening around Craig's middle as he tries to pull him back. With a sigh, Craig turns, gently removing Bruno's hand but pressing a kiss to it first.

"Morning," Craig says softly, "I'm sorry, but I have to go. I've got this meeting... completely forgot about it but can't miss it." He waits for Bruno's eyes to blink open, so that he can see if he's actually awake enough to understand what he's saying. "I don't want to go," Craig tells him, because that's the important part that he doesn't want Bruno to be in any doubt about.

Bruno sighs to himself, the last thing he wants right now is to hear what Craig is saying. He's tired and it was a late night and it feels like they really haven't had that much sleep. H wishes that Craig would turn his mobile off and just settle back in bed.

But obviously it’s not to be. Bruno sits up, passing his hand over his eyes. "Morning Craig," he responds. "That's a shame. I had hoped that we might have the opportunity for a casual day and repeat performance maybe?"

"Me too," Craig says, feeling himself harden at the thought. It's not just the sex either, that's appealing. He'd very much like to spend a day, hell maybe a month or two, with Bruno, just... getting to know each other again, in this new context. "Maybe..." He hesitates, pressing a slow kiss to the inside of Bruno's wrist, then another, even slower, to his mouth. "Maybe I could come back, after my meeting?"

Bruno nods. "Of course," he tells Craig. "I’d like that. Very much." He does wonder however whether Craig is simply being kind, trying to let him off easily. It's an insidious thought, one that angers him a little but even though he knows that it is unworthy of Craig he cannot help but think it.

But then he supposes that the proof will be in the pudding, as the British are wont to say. He will wait and see if Craig does come back, if indeed he calls/texts him after the morning. He wants it very much, for them to see where this might go, and to spend more time with Craig.

He leans up and kisses Craig, ignoring the morning breath, enjoying the moment for what it is.

"I will hopefully see you later then," he tells him.

Craig frowns a little, unable to fully relax into the kiss. Bruno is saying and doing all the right things, but there's a distance there, like he's keeping himself just a little apart, and Craig doesn't like it. "Alright, I should be finished by three-ish, I'll come over after that," he promises, finally pulling away and getting up. As much as he hates it, he does have to leave now or risk missing his meeting.

Working quickly, he pulls on his clothes, nipping to the en-suite bathroom to use the facilities quickly before pausing by the bed to say goodbye.  Bruno is lying down, back under the covers, but not even pretending to sleep, just watching Craig silently.

"I'll see you later," Craig repeats, kneeling briefly on the bed to kiss Bruno on the mouth one final time before exiting the bedroom and heading downstairs, toward outside and the grey morning.

Bruno stares at the ceiling as he listens to the sound of Craig's footsteps on the stairs and then the front door opening and closing. He hopes that he's wrong and that Craig does come back. With a sigh, he turns in the bed, shifting into the spot that Craig slept in.  It's ridiculous but right now all he wants to do is go back to sleep. Wrapping his arm around the pillows that Craig used and breathing in Craig's scent, Bruno closes his eyes and tries to do just that.


Bruno pours himself a glass of wine and settles back onto the sofa with his book. The weather all day has been pretty hideous, certainly too wet for him to go outside and do any gardening. The dead-heading and pruning can wait until the next dry day. He's heard nothing from Craig, which is both a surprise and not a surprise.

To stop himself from thinking about it too much, from hoping that he hasn't completely fucked up their friendship, Bruno has tried to keep himself busy during the morning; dealing with some of the household chores that he normally dislikes. Lunch had been a simple pasta dish with salad; nothing particularly heavy. After the previous evening's drinks and food he's not really been in the mood for anything else. Wine of course was always a necessity and after finishing in the kitchen, Bruno had simply headed back into the sitting room, put on some music and tried to relax.

He’s tried to not think about Craig, what happened last night, to stop himself from smiling when he does, it's been nigh impossible. Every now and again his mind flashes back to the sounds that Craig made, how it had felt to touch him. To fuck him. In the shower his thoughts had immediately returned to Craig and Bruno had been unable to stop his hands venturing lower, bringing himself off thinking about how Craig had looked when he came.

Bruno wants to do it again, wants to take his time with Craig. But it's not just that, he would also very much like for Craig to fuck him as well, and to see what it's like when Craig does get the opportunity to suck his cock. And all the mundane, wonderful, everyday things too: cooking dinner, going out, watching a movie... No matter how hard he’s tried to resist, Craig has been sneaking into his thoughts and catching him unawares all day.

Bruno mutters quietly to himself and reopens his book, trying to lose himself once again in the trials and tribulations of Inspector Montalbano.

There has been no contact, no calls or texts and Bruno has told himself sternly that he shouldn't expect anything no matter what Craig might have said before he left. There's hope though, a small budding hope that Craig will come back and all Bruno can do is wait.


The day has been long and tedious, although Craig thinks that has more to do with his own state of mind than the day itself. The meeting in the morning had been fine and his agent had given him an approving nod at the end of it like some kind of elderly aunt for all she is several years Craig's junior. Unfortunately, a successful meeting had necessitated another one involving diaries and timetabling and thankfully some sandwiches. It had been well into the afternoon until Craig had actually managed to escape.

He'd thought about texting Bruno but first he'd wanted to give him a chance to sleep in, and then he'd been in the middle of the meetings, so by the time he had the opportunity he reckoned he might as well deliver his message in person. The last night had certainly been in his mind throughout the day and several times his agent had narrowed her eyes at him, and at what Craig assumes was a ridiculous smile creeping over his face.

He is happy. Still kind of... in shock about it all a little, sure, but not regretting it. Of course there would be problems; transition from friends to... something more – he isn't quite sure what label to apply there yet – would hardly be without difficulties, both of them with plenty of sharp edges that were bound to clash. And then there was the publicity to consider... But Craig does not want to dwell on any of that right now; they will cross those bridges when they come to them. Instead, he wants to remember the look in Bruno's eyes when they kissed, when he pushed inside him, the reluctant way he'd let Craig go that morning.

Those are the thoughts that spur him all the way back to his house to pack an overnight bag, then to a taxi, until he's standing outside Bruno's door. It's here he hesitates a little, thinking maybe he should've texted or called after all, but no... He'd told Bruno he would be back that afternoon. And Bruno had said he'd like that, so...

Craig presses the doorbell determinedly, fighting the urge to fidget or hide his bag behind his back.


Bruno is beginning to doze a little when the doorbell goes, startling him into jerking up and dropping the book resting on his lap. "Fuck," he mutters wondering who the hell is at the door. He swings his feet around and pushes up from the sofa.

He takes a moment to straighten his clothes and smooth his fingers through his hair. Bruno has no intention of greeting whoever is at the door looking dishevelled and half asleep.

From the music that's still playing he knows he's not been napping for very long.

Bruno jogs down the stairs. Opening the door, he's surprised and delighted to see Craig standing there.

"Hi," Craig says, shifting from foot to foot a little. Bruno looks almost pole-axed but he is smiling so Craig takes that as a good sign.

They stare at each other for a while until Craig finally holds out his bag illustratively. "I came prepared this time... Are you going to invite me in?"

"Sorry, sorry," Bruno says, smiling even wider as he steps aside, holding the door open.

Craig walks in and drops his bag to the hall floor, nudging the door shut behind him. It's as clear as day to him what's going on here and he shakes his head, fond and exasperated in equal measure.

"You idiot," he says, stepping closer, right into Bruno's personal space. "You didn't think I was coming back."

Something like guilt flashes in Bruno's eyes and Craig can't stand seeing Bruno uncertain over this. He reaches out, cupping Bruno's face in both of his hands. "Idiot," Craig repeats softly, before closing the distance between them with a kiss.

Bruno melts into the kiss, hands coming up to grasp at Craig's tee-shirt as he presses against him.  Craig feels warm and solid and Bruno wants nothing more than to rest against him. He smiles up at Craig, happily conceding the point. "Yeah,” he says, “I am. For you."

SCD - craig
7th-Jan-2014 10:05 pm (UTC)
I was really pleased to see this posted:) It's a lovely, fun story and very sexy:D
7th-Jan-2014 10:08 pm (UTC)
Aw thank you, and thank you for beta'ing it as well - including the 7.5k sex scene... *coughs* One of these days we're gonna go back to short fic I'm sure :)
17th-Jan-2014 09:30 pm (UTC)
Thank you so much for this!! I love all your fics, I hope you will continue to write more :)

On a side note, this tweet from Craig today almost made me spill my coffee haha. https://twitter.com/CraigRevHorwood/status/424182203556593664/photo/1 . Admiring the view were we Craig :p
17th-Jan-2014 10:18 pm (UTC)
You are very welcome, and thank you for the feedback. It's always lovely to get feedback on these fics because it is such a small fandom. We will definitely be continuing to write more. We have another of Craig/Bruno wip's at present.

And that tweet from Craig was just awesome - he was most certainly admiring the view :) I wonder how many pictures he took that he didn't tweet!!
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